Wow I never realized how hard this is…..I did not realize how many limiting beliefs that reside in me that there really are. How do you find a limiting belief? Just think about something that has ticked you off recently or made you feel bad in some way. Hmmmmm….what if I haven’t been ticked off? Ain’t I lucky lol!!!!! Wow, this spiritual journey has really changed my life…..I am at peace, not too much really gets under my skin. If anything that is negative with me is the fact that financial freedom has not come yet, even tho I keep visualizing and feeling it. It is so hard to think wealth and all when the cash is not in your pocket!! You have to pretend & visualize (LOA says)…I am I am….where’s the $$$??!!!!! I know it’s coming. I just have to find what deep down inside me is keeping it from getting to me. It’s there waiting for me; the question is, what am I thinking deep down to keep it from happening??!!!! In a way, I think it’s just that I am confusing the Universe because I am not specific about what I want and when. I just know that I want financial freedom; able to enjoy life and do and buy whatever I want, whenever I want it and definitely help others to the max!!!! Yet that poverty-stricken mind-set of mine gets in the way and says…..geese I would be happy with just $10,000 to get out of debt. Then I say oh I just want $200 to help pay the rent; etc etc. But that’s not the truth…..I want to become very wealthy, so I can make a change for myself AND others. Then I say to myself….that’s greedy or selfish!! No it isn’t God/higher power wants the best for everyone; it’s my old confined, negative thoughts that are keeping good things from coming to me. I am keeping the wealth from coming; me myself & I… not God/higher power. Why am I writing this?? Well maybe I figure that the more I see it in writing and realize how I am sabatoging myself; the more I will figure out how to change those deep inner beliefs. Also maybe one person can benefit from my words and learn to change their life also….maybe faster and easier than I did!!
Hmmmmm…..I know I have to start meditating every day and really get into what my higher self is trying to tell me. I can do it!!! I need to stop making excuses; set the time aside & just do it!!!