Hmmmm….My number 1 desire for my future is wealth, health & happiness. I know, so isn’t everyone elses, daaahh. But I really want it all and I deserve it, right? Ok I want to be a millionaire and have a beautiful home, able to buy anything I want and need, at any time, without worrying where the $ will come from. Maybe even have a Harley. Be able to have a part-time maid to help clean. Be able to take vacations wherever and whenever I feel like it. And able to help others to get to the point in life that I am at also. I want to be able to help financially and spiritually with my DALFH; for this will keep me thriving. My kids will be working towards their own goals in life. The only difference is if they truly want or need something, then I can say yes; no more “I can’t afford that”. We are all thin because we eat right and work out often in our personal gym and our swimming pool. Sarah has gotten the kick-start she needs by attending a weight loss camp for the summer. We are all healthy and happy in our new lives. I have found the love of my life, which fits perfectly in my life. He is everything I dreamed of. And my kids are in very healthy relationships also! Yahooooo!!!