Hi, my name is Arlene and I am a DALFH practitioner.  I have completed a course teaching the wonderful techniques of this spiritual modality, which is quite amazing.  I am also a Certified Hynotherapist/NLP Practitioner  and I have found that the DALFH accentuates all other modalities.  It has changed my life and I’ve seen how it has helped others.  Therefore, I am throwing it out on the web to see if I can help others besides those in my local area.


Approximately a year and a half ago I was in a very dark place.  I really did not like my life (never mind love it!!); I did not like feeling this way at all.  There were absolutely NO positive thoughts in my head what-so-ever.  I felt my life was crumbling down all around me.  Then someone said something that started me thinking…..”Sooner or later you have to stop being the victim and start being a SURVIVOR”!  Then for some reason I was drawn to “The Secret”.  I was financially deprived, so to speak; yet I took $4 and watched “The Secret”  on my computer.  It changed my life!  Not immediately, but gradually I started realizing that I was sabotaging my own life with my negative thoughts and feelings.  I realized that my depressing, awful life was all my doing.  And now I see there was nothing wrong with my life – it was and is wonderful.  Mind you, not a physical thing has changed, JUST my thoughts!! 

Now I want to help others to find this new way of thinking so they can change their lives also.  I have never blogged before, so this is an experiment for me.  We’ll see what I can do……or how I can help YOU!!!

Please read on and contact me so that YOU can get to a wonderful place in YOUR life also!